#readmorediversely announcement

Hello friends! In today’s blogpost I’m announcing my very first readathon and I’m super excited, I hope you are too!

With the uprising of the Black Lives Matter movement I’ve seen & heard a lot of people say they want to read more diversely. And in order to read more diversely, you have to activily seek diverse books. So I thought why not make a readathon with prompts to read a lot of diverse books? And that’s how the idea of #readmorediversely came to my mind!

The first round of #readmorediversely will be from July 10th until July 24th, so it’s a two week readathon. I came up with 5 prompts for this round, but I already have quite some more prompts for eventual future rounds. I decided to go with 5 prompts for two weeks because that seemed very doable to me.

You’re allowed to double up on prompts if you want to, to make it even chiller for you! And you can read the prompts in whichever order you like. You can also pick any type of book for the prompts: physical, audiobook, e-book, fiction, non-fiction, manga, graphic novels… Anything is allowed! Now onto the prompts…

1 – Read a book by a black author: as I’ve written earlier on, a lot of people have been saying they’ll pick up a lot more books by black authors, so that’s why this prompt is on the list. There are many great books in all genres out there written by black authors!

2 – Read a book by an Asian author: for this prompt you can also read a book by someone who has Asian heritage, for example and Asian-American author. Of course there are a lot of authors out there who are not white, but also not Asian or black, but for this round I picked these two prompts, but in the eventual next rounds they will be replaced with other prompts for other poc.

3 – Read a book that doesn’t take place in the US or the UK: most of the books we read take place in the US or the UK, or in fantasy worlds based on the US or the UK. But there are so many more countries and places to visit around the world, so with this prompt we’ll be visiting one of those places. So if you’re a fantasy reader, you’re also not allowed to pick a fantasy world based on the US or the UK for this prompt.

4 – Read a book by an LGBTQ+ author: another very important diverse community is the LGBTQ+ community. Hence why the fourth prompt is to read a book by an LGBTQ+ author. In the past couple of years quite a few LGBTQ+ books had some hype, but unfortunately a lot of those were not own voices. And I find it very important to read own voices books. And that’s why the prompt is not to read an LGBTQ+ book, but to read a book written by an LGBTQ+ author, we really need to amplify their voices.

5 – Read a book with disability rep: of course not everyone in the world is abled bodied. And even people who (try to) read diversely often times don’t think of this type of diversity, so I wanted to put this prompt in the readathon.

And that’s it for this round. Definitely let me know if you’ll be participating. I’ll be making a group chat on Instagram where we can discuss which books we’re reading and check in on each other during the readathon. So also let me know if you’d be interested in being in that groupchat! Next to that be sure to share your tbrs, wrap ups and any reading updates with #readmorediversely so I can see what everyone’s reading! Also feel free to tag me in your posts, @margereads!

I hope you’ll enjoy this readathon!

3 gedachten over “#readmorediversely announcement”

  1. That’s really amazing!! I really loved the idea of dedicating a time to read only books with minorities as main characters (it’s important to read diverse books all year long, but I think you get what I mean hahaha). I’m for sure gonna be participating!

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    1. Ahh thank you so much! I’m thinking of making this a seasonal thing (so once every 3 months) so we can keep on reading diversely! If you have an Instagram account, I can also add you to a groupchat where we’ll discuss what we read etc., if you want to.


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