Blog update!

Hello lovely reader! Today’s blog post is a bit of a different one, because I’ll be giving a little blog update.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about all the content I’ve been bringing out in the last year or so. And with that I’ve also been brainstorming a bit about how I want to continue on creating content and what type of content I want to bring out. I’ll tell you all about the outcome of my little brainstorm session right now! I’ll start off with my blog and then later on I’ll also talk a little bit about my Instagram account.

Since mid-August I’ve switched from posting two blog posts a week to posting once a week on here. That is going to remain the same, and my upload day will still be Wednesday. I’ve decided to make that switch about a month ago because I want the quality of my blog posts to be high. And to be able to make high quality posts, I had to reduce the quantity of my posting, so I could spend more time on every post.

Since I create bookish content both on here and on my Instagram acocunt, I wanted to make the devide between the content I put on each of those to be clear. Of course there’ll always be a bit of a crossover between the two. However, from October onwords I’ll be working with a monthly schedule for my blog. That means that I’ll have the same type of posts every month. Now, what does the schedule look like?

  • On the first Wednesday of the month I’ll post my wrap up from the previous month. In other words: I’ll be listing all of the books I read in that month and how I rated them. I also always give some statistics regarding my reading of that month.
  • On the second Wednesday of the month I’ll post a themed TBR post. In those posts I read and review three books that fit some sort of a theme. That can be a very clear or a very vague theme. Those reviews are always in a podcast style.
  • On the third Wednesday of the month I’ll post a ‘list of five’ post. That basically means that I’ll make a list of five books. That can be a top five, or just five recommendations. Those posts will for sure always be in a certain theme as well.
  • On the fourth Wednesday of the month I’ll post a book review. I love reading reviews and find them really helpful, and I also really enjoy writing them myself, so this just seemed like a logical fourth type of blog post.

Of course me having this schedule doesn’t mean that I’ll follow it every single month without fail. Some months I might switch the posts around or don’t do a certain post. But I’ll always try my hardest to post every single Wednesday.

Also: some months have five Wednesdays. If that’s the case, the book review will be posted on the fifth Wednesday and there’ll be another type of post on the fourth Wednesday. Think: a book tag, an extra review, an extra list etc. The rest of the schedule will remain the same.

I’m also currently working on the outlook of my blog so that might change around a bit as well, but those changes won’t be very drastic.

Instagram update

Now onto the little Instagram update I have. I adore using Instagram and I wish I could be super active on Instagram every single day, however life really gets in the way sometimes. Because of that it’s going to be my aim to post around five times a week. If I post every single day some weeks, that’s even better, but I won’t be pushing myself to post every day. A little side note: I’m working hard on a new theme at the moment, and that’s the reason why I’m not posting a lot as of right now.

I’m also loving the new Reels feature on Instagram. I’m testing it out at the moment and I really want to post some more Reels. However, I won’t be saying I’ll post a Reel every x times, since I’m still experimenting with it. Something I can say, is that I’ll post my book hauls on Reels from now on.

I’m also still testing out IGTV. I adore making videos, so I hope I can start using IGTV soon, since I already have a few ideas for it. But same as with the Reels feature, I won’t be saying I’ll post a video on IGTV every x times, for the same reasons. You can kind of view IGTV and Reels as some sort of ‘extra content’ from me.

And the last Instagram update: I’m going to aim to do some form of monthly shoutouts on my stories. That can be shoutouts of my favourite posts, favourite accounts… The options are endless. And if I can do those more than monthly, I’m more than happy to do so.

That’s it for all of the updates. I hope you’re as excited as I am for the new content and ‘goals’! For the rest of September I have two more reviews planned, those will go up on the resting Wednesdays of the month.

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