October wrap up (2020)

October 2020 wrap up: blog post where I talk about all of the books I read in October 2020, including statistics.

Hello lovely reader! It’s that time of the month again, here’s another wrap up. Just like every month I’ll be talking about all the books I read in the month of October and which rating I gave those books. On top of that I’ll also be giving some statistic regarding my reading in October. So without further ado, let’s kick it off with the stats!

I’m not really sure how I did it, but I managed to read 11 books in October. At first I thought it was because I read a lot of short books, but I still read a total of 3,637 pages, which is the third most amount of pages I read in a month this year. On average that’s 331 pages per book. So quantity wise it was a good reading month, but luckily I finally had a good month quality wise as well. My average rating out of ten for the month of October is 7.9!

For the format of the books I read in October: I read six physical books, three audiobooks and two e-books. Look at me making a dent in my owned TBR! I listened to the three audiobooks via Storytel. Then for the other books I read one book from the library, two books I had bought myself, two books that were gifted to me by family or friends and three books that I was gifted for review purposes.

Genre wise I had a rather diverse reading month, which is something I always like. I read one thriller, one graphic novel, one poetry collection, two classics, two contemporaries and four fantasy books. I read mainly books that are targeted towards young adults, namely seven. I also read one book that falls in the middle grade age range and three adult novels.

Now it’s time to list all of the books I read in October, which rating (out of ten) I gave them and a link to a review, if I have one.

My favourites of the month aren’t very hard to decide. My favourite physical reads (also counting e-books) were Cemetery Boys and Animal Farm. My favourite audiobook was Other Words for Home. Animal Farm and Cemetery Boys definitely have a chance of ending up on my favourites of 2020 list!

And that’s it, another month has gone by. I can’t wait to see what my reading in November will be like. Here in Belgium we’re in another lockdown, and last lockdown I read a LOT. So let’s see if I also read a lot in this second lockdown…

What was your favourite read of October?

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