November wrap up (2020)

Blog post where I talk about my November wrap up, so all the book I read in the month of November and I also gove some reading statistics.

Hello lovely reader! November was a special reading month for me, because I managed to read my 100th book of the year, and that’s crazy for me. Also, how is it the last month of 2020 already? I don’t know if I should be happy that this shitshow of a year is almost over or that I should be scared for what 2021 will bring… Anyway, we’ll be able to discover that later on, now let’s get into my November wrap up and some reading statistics from this past month.

So in November I managed to read 10 books. Looking back on this month, I can say that it was a very mixed one. I read a combination of short and long books and had a combination of books I loved and books I really didn’t love. In total I read 3,238 pages in November, that means I read an average of 108 pages per day. The average rating for the 10 books I read in November is 7.2 (out of 10), which is on the lower end for me. Usually I have an average rating of 7.5 or higher.

I also had a very mixed reading month format wise. I read two audiobooks, three ebooks and five physical books. I listened to those two audiobooks via Storytel. Then I read three books that were gifted to me for review purposes (one ebook and two physical books) and the remaining five books I had bought myself.

Genre wise I also had quite a mixed reading month in November. I read one classic, one fabulism, one graphic novel, one contemporary, one poetry collection, one literary fiction and four fantasy novels. For the targeted audience I read three adult books and seven YA books.

Now it’s time to list all of the books I read in October, which rating (out of ten) I gave them and a link to a review, if I have one.

My favourite read of the month was The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue without a doubt, although the Starless Sea and Hallo Nu were also amazing reads that can possibly make it to my favourites of the year list.

And that’s a wrap on my wrap up! I’m curious to see what my reading will be like in December!

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