Review: Revenge of the Sluts by Nathalie Walton

Book review of Revenge of the Sluts by Nathalie Walton.


As a lead reporter for The Warrior Weekly, Eden has covered her fair share of stories at St. Joseph’s High School. And when intimate pictures of seven female students are anonymously emailed to the entire school, Eden is determined to get to the bottom of it.

In tracking down leads, Eden is shocked to discover not everyone agrees the students are victims. Some people feel the girls “brought it on themselves.” Even worse, the school’s administration seems more concerned about protecting its reputation than its students.

With the anonymous sender threatening more emails, Eden finds an unlikely ally: the seven young women themselves. Banding together to find the perpetrator, the tables are about to be turned. The Slut Squad is fighting back! 

My review – spoilerfree

Whenever you see a book that was first published on Wattpad now being traditionally published, it can be quite offputting. It especially makes you a bit weary of the way the book is written and the writing style in general. However, with Revenge of the Sluts that weariness is not necessary. The book is written in a very easy-to-read way and especially doesn’t have too many words trying to say somthing instead of showing it, like a lot of Wattpad books do. Even more, it sometimes could’ve used a bit more adjectives and other ‘extra’ words, because the writing sometimes felt a bit too dry and to-the-point.

It sometimes reads a bit like a news article, which might’ve been done intentionally since journalism is such a big aspect in this book. Our main character writes for her schoolpaper and the whole story is seen through her eyes, so you really see a journalism related point of view, which is a nice switch up because that doesn’t occur often. That point of view can be very relatable if you’re a journalism student or in journalism yourself. On top of that it’s always interesting to read about the importantce of extracurricular activities in the US and how much time American students spend on those things, especially as someone who’s not from the US.

Another thing that was really nice about the main character and her background was that she actually had an ex-boyfriend, which is once again not something you come across often in YA contemorary, especially not since she is more of a shy girl. It was also just really well done in general that there wasn’t a romance storyline for the main character, because this was not her story, it was the story of the girls whose explicit photos got leaked. So a possible romance storyline would’ve brought down the actual messages the book wants to get across. So kuddos to author for that!

And in general it’s just always nice to see girls fight back. This really was an import story to tell, because the leaking of personal photos unfortunately happens way too often. The story was told in such a respectful way and brought a lot of talking points to the table. I think that young teens can learn a lot from reading this book.

However, Revenge of the Sluts was not a perfect book. Where the main character was quite atypical for a YA contemporary, a lot of the other characters felt like caricatures of characters you constantly come across in YA. Take Luke as an example. He was exactly like any other male school bully I’ve come across in YA books and films. And that’s always a pity.

On top of that some relationships felt very underdevelopped. There are a lot of important characters in this book, so to have all of their individual relationships well written, is a hard task. But there were just some relationships where it really bothered me how underdevelopped they were. Take Jeremy and Eden (the MC) as an example. At a certain point in the book Jeremy really wants Eden to go to a house party with him and his boyfriend. He does all he can to convince her, but as a reader you just don’t understand why he cares so much for the fact that Eden needs to come to this party with him. In short: some relationships and actions were just a bit unbelievable.

Let’s finish off with the ending of the book. That ending was also not fully satisfying, unfortunately. Throughout the entire book Eden and her friends are trying to discover Eros’s identiy, the person who leaked the photos of the girls. However, in the end it was not surprising at all who Eros was. From about a third of the way through the book I had already guessed an important part of Eros’s identity, the part that was supposed to be the most ‘shocking’. On top of that the ending wrapped up a bit too quickly, we discover who Eden is and there’s an immediate confrontation and the book ended. It would’ve been better to have that part go a bit more slowly.

However, I’d still highly recommend this book if you’re into YA feminist fiction, and especially if you’re maybe a bit younger than me, and actually fall within the targeted audience of the book.

I received an e-arc of this book through Netgalley, but that doesn’t influence my opinion or anything written in this review. Thanks to the publisher and author for gifting me a copy.

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