March 2020 wrap up

March is finally over, hallelujah! Since March felt like such a long month, I actually also read quite a bit. Before we get into which books I’ve read, I’ll give you some stats about my reading in March. I keep al of these stats in an Excel sheet and I love that!

In March I read 11 books, which is not only the most amount of books I read in a month in 2020n it’s also half of the books I’ve read so far in the year. Out of those 11 books four were physical books, three audiobooks and four e-books. I bought 6 of these 11 books myself, three of those I’ve read through Scribd, one of those was gifted to me to review and one of those books was a Christmas 2019 gift. I also DNF’ed one book which was an audiobook I listened to via Scribd.

In total I read 3803 pages in March, some of those pages were in books that I haven’t finished yet or DNF’ed. My average rating for the month was 8,1 out of 10.

Genre wise I read 5 contemporaries, 4 thrillers, 1 historical fiction and one non fiction book. For the age range of the books I read 5 young adult novels and 6 adult books.

Now let’s get into which books I read and my rating for them out of 10.

  • The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary – 8,5
  • Miracle Creek by Angie Kim – 9,5
  • Orpheus Girl by Brynne Rebele-Henry – 3
  • Neverworld Wake by Mariche Pessl – 8,5
  • Nice Try, Jane Sinner by Lianne Oelke – 10
  • The Shining by Stephen King – 8,5
  • How To Make Friends With the Dark by Kathleen Glasgow – 9
  • My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russel – 10
  • A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson – 10
  • Snow Falling by Jane Gloriana Villanueva – 6,5
  • Dierenrechten by Dirk-Jan Verdonk – 5,5

My Favourite audiobook of the month was My Dark Vanessa and my favourite physical read was A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder. I consider A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder my favourite book of 2020 so far. So that one, My Dark Vanessa and Nice Try, Jane Sinner have a high chance to end up on my favourites of the year list by the end of 2020. And maybe even Miracle Creek as well, if I only read horrible books the rest of the year.


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