September wrap up (2020)

My September 2020 reading wrap up. Blog post where I talk about all the books I read in September 2020.

Hello there! It’s that time of the month *again* where I talk about all the books I read in the previous month. I’ll also be giving you some statistics about my reading in September en the rating I gave to the books I read. Shall we get started with the statistics?

So I managed to read seven books in September, which I was very happy with in the end. I had hoped to read more, but up until around the 20th I had only read two books, so I’m really happy I managed to read five more in the last ten days. Quality wise I had an okay reading month, not the best, but also not the worst of this year. The average rating of September was 7.5 out of 10.

If we look at the average page count of the books I read in September, you can conclude that I read a lot of “standard” books, and not a lot of long ones. My average page count is 341 pages. Looking at the total page count, I landed on 2384 pages, which is my second lowest amount of the year, only in February I read less pages than in September.

This month I had my e-reader in my hands a lot, it seems. Because if you look at the format I read this month’s books in, I read four books completely via e-book, for one book I switched between the e-book and the audiobook and then I also read one physical book and I listened to one book entirely via audio.

Genre wise I had a vary varied month, I read one poetry collection, one fabulism novel, one non fiction book, one fantasy and three contemporaries. For the targeted age range I read six Young Adult books and only the non fiction book was targeted to adults.

That’s it for all of the statistics. Now I’ll list the seven books I read in August, which rating (out of five) I gave them and if I wrote a review, I’ll also link that.

My favourite physical read (also counting e-books) was Witches of Ash and Ruin without a doubt, I’m quite certain that one will end up on my favourites of 2020 list. My favourite audiobook was Felix Ever After, but it was not really a new all time favourite.

That was it for yet another wrap up. I swear 2020 is flying by. I hope you read some amazing books in September, and I’ll see you next Wednesday for a new blog post!

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