Review: How To Be Ace by Rebecca Burgess

Blog post where I review the graphic novel How To Be Ace by Rebecca Burgess.


Brave, witty and empowering, this graphic memoir follows Rebecca as she navigates her asexual identity and mental health in a world obsessed with sex. From school to work to relationships, this book offers an unparalleled insight into asexuality.

My review – spoiler free

Since this is a review for a, rather short, graphic novel, this won’t be a long blog post. But don’t worry, on Wednesday, you’ll get a full length post!

How To Be Ace definitely offers you a personal insight on what it’s like to be asexual. Especially growing up in a time where asexuality wasn’t a well-known word and where you didn’t have pages upon pages on the Internet filled with information about being asexual.

Even though this is a very personal graphic memoir, it really applies to a large part of the asexual community. However, asuxuality is a very personal experience, everyone experiences it in a different way. It is lovely to see that, even though it’s such a personal memoir, it still shines a light on different experiences with asexuality. That was definitely a bonus point for this graphic novel.

A less good point for How To Be Ace is that it doesn’t really give you what it promises. You get promised a personal story about asexuality, but it was more the authors personal life story, with the focus on asexuality. So there were a couple of chapters where there was hardly any talk about asexuality, which was a pity.

Another pity about How To Be Ace is that it read kind of jumpy. Sometimes you had a row of comics about a certain topic, and then it jumped to another topic. That transition felt a bit weird and sudden from time to time. There were also some moments where a certain subject was introduced, to then never be touched on again. And that leaves you with some questions about that subject.

It also just has to be said that the art style in this graphic novel is so beautiful. The writing however, wasn’t always as readable as I would’ve liked. My eyes had a really hard time reading from time to time.

Nevertheless, this is a really informative and fun read. Especially for people who don’t know a lot about asexuality yet, or who might be discovering their own sexuality.

A special thanks to Netgalley for providing me with an e-copy of this graphic novel, in exchange for an honest review.

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